[packman] Request for FrostWire a.o.

T. Coenen info at tctrading.nl
Mon May 30 23:25:01 CEST 2011

Frostwire Opensuse 11.4 

Here we go,

1. Download frostwire deb from www.frostwire.com

2. Unpack it

3. Go into the extracted folder

4. Extract data.tar.gz

5. Now you got a folder usr copy it to the root of your hdd (as root ofcourse)

6. Now as root in to the folder /usr/share/frostwire with the root terminal

7. Give command; python unpack200.py

8. Made a link to /usr/bin/frostwire

9. evoila Frostwire runs under OpenSuse 11.4

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