[packman] still missing programs

C. Kappe nox_diesque at web.de
Fri May 13 16:47:32 CEST 2011

Hi there!
A couple of weeks ago i wrote to this address to name three programs that I had in my suse 11.3 install but which 
weren't available any more in 11.4.
And I'm sad to say that nothing has changed since then. I'm still desperately missing the following software:

tuxguitar - http://tuxguitar.herac.com.ar/
THE open source application for guitar players and other musicians. Many, many people use it; also under windows and 
mac. And of course most other linux distributions have it in their repositories. I would be so glad if you could fill 
this gap for opensuse.

performous - http://performous.org/
Needless to say how popular games like singstar or rockstar are. And this is the best open source clone (as successor of 

hedgewars - http://www.hedgewars.org/
Actually a very poplular game too. Also available for windows, mac and linux. Great game. You can play it for 5 minutes 
or for hours; alone or with others. Ah well, it's a "woms" clone; that sould be enough ;-)

So I hope these programs will be packaged again soon for suse 11.4.
Thanks in advance

Christopher Kappe

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