[packman] Blender 2.57b in OpenSUSE 11.4?

Dave Plater davejplater at gmail.com
Wed May 11 13:23:17 CEST 2011

On 05/10/2011 12:27 AM, David wrote:
> More on Blender:
> I've been using it for a few days without problems. No crashes. No bugs that I'm aware of.
> But it seems that there is something missing: there are only 3 movie output formats, AVI JPEG, AVI RAW and Frame Server.
> None of them support audio, and the audio "MIXDOWN" button (that exports audio as a .wav file) has been removed from recent versions (AFAIK).
> So essentially there's no way to output audio with your Blender version.

That's strange, it has jack, alsa and libsndfile support. Possibly it's a jack problem, I haven't looked at blender audio at all. I'll try 
a local with py3.2 and ffmpeg build, only thing possible if Packman won't accept python3-3.2 and one of their tarballs to see what should 
happen. I'm looking at the code atm, I'll investigate the mechanics of blender's audio as well. You should at least have basic "pcm" (wav) 
> I've asked on IRC and they told me probably Blender wasn't compiled with ffmpeg.
> Please reconsider that. I have ffmpeg installed.
Ffmpeg is not allowed in openSUSE and most major linux distributions due to license and patent issues. I can only build against ffmpeg in 
the Packman build service or on my own system.


I have a "Packman ffmpeg enabled blender-2.57b" waiting for a patch to enable it to build with python-3.1, I've patched one error so far 
and am working on one of two that are left unfortunately I'm a "jack of all trades" where high level languages are concerned and I use 
kdevelop4 for tasks such as this, it's resource hungry and slows my system to a crawl but it's good for a novice like me due to it's code 
checking features.
I'll plead with the Packman people to allow python3-3.2 again and state your case. It's a pity py3.2 wasn't completed in time for 11.4, it 
has an installation conflict with py 3.1 atm but that is easy to fix. Blender and one or two minor gnome apps are the only users of python3 
and it doesn't interfere with python 2 at all it's designed to co-exist with python 2.
I've cc'ed this to the Packman list.


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