[packman] Packages wishlist

Olav Selseng Vestreim o.vest at yahoo.no
Mon Mar 21 22:19:50 CET 2011


I have noticed several packages missing since the migration, here are some:

- PACPL +++
- Linuxsampler with GUI, Gigedit etc
- Kluppe
- Hexter
- QSynth
- Jubler/Jupidator
- Phasex
- Nekobee
- XWax
- TripleA
- Scotland Yard
- GLMix
- Jack Mixer
- Bristol synths
- Juce
- Fmit
- Freecycle

I would also make a wish to re-introduce some packages wich were in the 
Packman repository some years ago:

- SooperLooper
- Rezound (not quite dead yet?)
- MuSE (the audio/midi sequencer)
- AmSynth

And some packages I can't recall having seen on Packman:

- Synth Of Noise

Thanks for your effort, appreciated!


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