[packman] SimpleVoc-OPEN: new application for PackMan portal

Wolfgang Helisch W.Helisch at triagens.de
Wed Mar 9 09:41:01 CET 2011

Dear Ladies or Sirs,

we would like to integrate our application into your portal in order to make it available to OpenSUSE users.
It is an in-memory key/value store with a REST interface and some unique features.

Details on the feature set are available here: http://www.worldofvoc.com/products/simplevoc/summary/ .
The source code can be downloaded from: http://www.worldofvoc.com/products/simplevoc/editions/download-simplevoc/ .
Documentation is available here: http://www.worldofvoc.com/wiki/index.php5/Main_Page .

See attached SPEC file "packman.simplevoc-open.opensuse-11.spec" which creates the package for OpenSUSE 11.2 / 11.3 and i686 / x86_64 architectures.
Of course we would also do the maintenance of the package at PackMan.

The identity should be: simplevoc-open
Real e-mail address should be: support at triagens.de<mailto:support at triagens.de>

Best regards
W. Helisch

Dr. Wolfgang Helisch

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