[packman] OpenSuSE repositories: Where have they gone to?

Richard Boettger crboettger at vif.com
Wed Mar 2 22:18:17 CET 2011

Hi, Packman team,

I have been using OpenSuSE for several years, and in the last 2 years or 
so, have become familiar with the Repository Manager.
The repositories don't seem to be available any more.  Is that because 
of the sale to Attachmate?  Have all the servers been closed down?  Are 
the repositories, like Packman, being transferred to different servers?  
If so, will they be up again soon, or should I just give up on OpenSuSE 
and move to RedHat, Ubuntu, Puppy, or Debian?
What's happening?

Thanks for at least posting Packman's move.

If you don't have time to answer this email, could you maybe post an 
answer, however brief, on the forum.  Everybody else seems to be dead or 
missing in action.

I will be grateful for whatever light you can shed on this matter.  Many 

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