[packman] Creating an all-in-one multimedia-pack pattern

Roman Bysh rb03884 at gmail.com
Sat Jan 22 19:30:36 CET 2011

Dear List mates,

I am recommending the creation of a pattern entry named "Multimedia-Pack".

This came to me after reading the openSUSE Forum's Multimedia help file.
The help file lists the most
popular packages for installation to get an openSUSE user's multimedia
working. This excludes blu-ray.

The "Multimedia-Pack" will provide links to all of the apps, codecs,
libdvdcss and library files shown
in our Multimedia help file plus a few more for installation. We can
reference Carl Fletcher's work on the OneClick.

* If it's okay with Carl ;-)

The user only needs to place a single check mark next to it to enable
the installation.

This removes a number of steps in searching for files. Not to mention
the many mouse clicks.

The "Multimedia-Pack" feature is handy for users that are more
comfortable browsing via the Yast package manager
or kpackagekit in systemsettings. Rather than using zypper or the

This is ideal for users that have to set up many laptops or desktop PCs.

Any thoughts on making this work?



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