[packman] Plan for 11.1 continued packman packager support ?

Pascal Bleser pascal.bleser at opensuse.org
Thu Jan 20 03:14:57 CET 2011

On 2011-01-13 23:39:24 (+0100), oldcpu <oldcpu at opensuse-forums.org> wrote:
> Is there a plan for continued packman support to openSUSE-11.1
> for a while longer given:
> (1) SuSE-GmbH support has stopped, but
> (2) Evergreen project has adopted 11.1 for its trial of Long
>     Term Support.

No plan as of now, we haven't discussed it yet (or, at least,
not decided anything).

> I know Evergreen is intended to be more server based at this stage. But
> there are some of us who are desktop users who for various reasons are
> not able to update a PC of ours to a version of openSUSE newer than
> 11.1, and we would still like to enjoy as many 11.1 packages that the
> packman packagers are able to provide. 

It's not necessarily limited to servers, but the key idea is to
concentrace the "LTS" on core packages rather than everything
(and the desktops). You'll still be able to get up-to-date KDE
and whatnot from additonal OBS repos that will be built against
Evergreen (at least, that's the idea last time I chatted with
Wolfgang ;)).

> I suspect the answer is tied into the plan (?) for continued
> OBS support for 11.1 (and I don't know what that is). 

s/11.1/Evergreen/, yes

I don't think it's already available, I'll keep an eye open.

> Apologies if I missed an announcement here, but if there is
> curiosity as to what some 11.1 users think, then with myself
> as one 11.1 user I do note it would be great if packman
> packager support could continue in 11.1 (where it is still
> practical (given 11.1's age)).

You didn't miss any announcement :)

It will indeed depend on Evergreen itself, and whether our build
servers will be up to the task (as in, not having to wait hours
to get stuff built).

But we're in the process of reorganizing our repository
structure, and building the "essentials" repository for
Evergreen shouldn't be much of an issue. For the rest, we'll
see, depends on how many people will want to have that, as well
as our build power.

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