[packman] Trying my first packman build

İsmail Dönmez ismail at namtrac.org
Mon Jan 3 09:02:57 CET 2011


I am trying to build ffmpeg from my home project (home:ismdon) but I
am getting an error which looks like a network problem to me;

[~/packman/ffmpeg]> opm build
WARNING: SSL certificate checks disabled. Connection is insecure!

Building ffmpeg.spec for standard/x86_64
Getting buildinfo from server and store to
Getting buildconfig from server and store to
Updating cache of required packages
80.3% cache miss. 46/233 dependencies cached.

fetching cpio for 'openSUSE.org:openSUSE:11.3'          3.7 kB 00:00
/tmp/osc_build_cpio5bsrUQ: 'Conten' is not a supported cpio format

Does anyone have any idea whats going on here?


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