[packman] Why do we build libcaca ?

Ludwig Nussel ludwig.nussel at suse.de
Mon Feb 28 14:59:46 CET 2011

Pascal Bleser wrote:
> I mean, if there is really a good reason for us to force an
> upgrade of a dependency (e.g. better performance, bugfixes, ...)
> then, of course, it's a totally different story and I agree that
> we should provide the newer version.

In such a case it would be better to start a regular maintenance
update instead. Either the new version is safe and compatible so
it's ok for an official update or it isn't in which case packman
shouldn't offer the new version either. 

Another non-intrusive variant would be to package the new lib with
different package name (like packman-libfoo1 instead of libfoo1) in
a separate directory, like /usr/lib/packman or /opt/packman/lib and
set the rpath on binaries that need it.

libcaca in this concrete case is probably a lame example but think
of e.g. Qt. It's quite likely that some apps needs a newer version
and it would be insane to upgrade the system's libqt via 3rd party


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