[packman] Some problems in gavl and audacity packages

Cristian Morales Vega cmorve69 at yahoo.es
Mon Feb 28 02:15:22 CET 2011

It's good to have public access to the spec files and build log

* gavl
- 02-check-gcc-output detects an overflow (fix at

- It's pure C. It's false it "BuildRequires:  gcc-c++".

- The
Provides:       libgavl0 = 1.0.1
Obsoletes:      libgavl0 < 1.0.1
is wrong. The soname was modified precisely because the new one
doesn't "provide" the old one. And the SLPP exists because one doesn't
"obsolete" the other, you may want both at the same time.

The gavl/gavl-devel Provides/Obsoletes probably can also be removed
since the changelog says 0.2.6 is from 2007 and even openSUSE 11.1 was
released at the end of 2008.

- I have a gavl package in home:RedDwarf that builds fine without all the
%{?suse_update_config:%{suse_update_config -f}}

and without it you can remove "BuildRequires:  autoconf automake libtool"

- The libpng problem was fixed upstream.

- The "fix gavl.pc" problem was fixed upstream.

* audacity
- The _link file lacks something as
    <topadd>%define _with_ffmpeg 1</topadd>
    <topadd>%define _with_mad 1</topadd>
    <topadd>%define _with_twolame 1</topadd>

to enable the multimedia support.
But perhaps would be better to:
a) submit a patch to the OBS package so it uses "packman_bs" instead
b) probably add a "_with_packman_bs" to the Essentials prjconf? I
don't think "%packman_bs 1" is enough to make %with() work. I was the
one who added the three _with_X because I didn't know of any Packman

- Probably would make sense to add a "Substitute: wxGTK-devel
wxWidgets-devel" line to Essentials prjconf?

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