[packman] Why do we build libcaca ?

Manfred Tremmel manfred at links2linux.de
Fri Feb 25 22:17:47 CET 2011

Am Freitag, 25. Februar 2011 schrieb Pascal Bleser:

> Yes, I've kept libcaca building in our OBS for SLE_11 and
> Evergreen_11.1


> [...]
> > > Please let me know if there is a good reason of having the
> > > latest in our repository (other than the above, in which case I
> > > will only build libcaca for 11.1 and SLE_11 :)).
> >
> > If adding the package to our repository why not building for all
> > SUSE versions? It's not easy to explain why openSUSE 11.1 users
> > will get 0.99.beta17 and openSUSE 11.2 and 11.3 users should use
> > 0.99.beta16. And it doesn't make bug hunting easier to take care of
> > the different bugs in the different versions.
> That is one option/point-of-view, yes.
> On the other hand, I personally believe that it is much nicer if
> people who add the Packman repository don't
> * suddenly get an upgrade of libcaca, which might break packages
>   that are not provided by Packman (although the "vendor lock"
>   should prevent most people from falling into that trap)

You remember my curl package which was incompatible with YaST...
In this case I don't think it will make any problem.

> * have to upgrade libcaca when they install our xine, MPlayer,
>   ... packages when there is no real need for it (our packages
>   all build just fine agains the libcaca versions that are
>   shipped by the distros -- except for 11.1)

I think most peoply simply press the ok button to fullfill the 
dependencies and don't think about what happens. But I have no problem 
to build libcaca only for the oldies.

> I had a look at the changelog for 0.99beta17 and there are very,
> very few bug fixes in it, almost everything is just cosmetic or
> changes on subpackages we neither build nor use (java bindings,
> php bindings, ...).

That's right.

> I mean, if there is really a good reason for us to force an
> upgrade of a dependency (e.g. better performance, bugfixes, ...)
> then, of course, it's a totally different story and I agree that
> we should provide the newer version.
> But I don't think it's the case here.

I think 99% of the users will never use a videoplayer with caca-
textoutput on console. For myselve I've done it a view times for 
testing, but for nothing else. It's not realy usefull. So it's 
completely unimportend even if we would build the mediaplayers on 
opneSUSE 11.1 and SLES without caca.

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