[packman] XBMC 10.1 issue

Benjamin Shaiken benjamin.shaiken at gmail.com
Tue Feb 15 02:51:07 CET 2011

I recently reinstalled my OS and went to reinstall XBMC. I had previously
had 9.11, the stable version from the packman repo. Now, the version in
Packman is 10.0. I get the following error message when installing:

nothing provides the libva-glx.so.1 needed by xbmc 10.0.1.pm.13.8.i586

 If I choose to ignore this issue and install anyway, I'm told upon trying
to open XBMC that I need something that supports OpenGL graphics. I'm
running an nVidia gt240 card with driver 256.53 (both of which definitely
support OpenGL). I've installed VLC (no problems) and tested 1080p video
files with it and they work like a charm (something that would absolutely
not happen if my mobo was running the video output, so I know the driver's
working right).

I can't find the libva-glx file to download anywhere. Can anyone help? I'd
like to just install 10.0.1 without having to compile it manually.
Alternatively, can you provide me a .rpm file for 9.11 so I can just install

Ben Shaiken
benjamin.shaiken at gmail.com
61 Charter Oak Street, Apt D
Manchester, CT 06040
(860) 944-8827

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