[packman] Claws Mail 3.8.0 unleashed!!

Mariusz Fik fisiu82 at jabster.pl
Thu Dec 29 23:56:45 CET 2011

Dnia czwartek, 29 grudnia 2011 23:48:19 Jonathan Hooverman pisze:
> > Hi Jonathan,
> Good evening Detlef,
> >>> may I ask you to update claws-mail to the latest version?
> > 
> > claws-mail was deleted on packman, don't ask me who did that and why he
> > did that...
> will there be a chance to get claws-mail back on packman?
> Jonathan

We have claws-mail in OSS repository (at least for 12.1).
It's maintained in GNOME:Apps and IMHO we should update it there and not 
duplicate package unless we can gain additional features.
Pozdrawiam / Best regards,
Mariusz Fik
openSUSE Community Member
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