[packman] Evergreen_11.2 mirrors not in sync

"Herbert U. Hübner" h-u.huebner at web.de
Fri Aug 12 14:38:11 CEST 2011

Hello Packmann Team,

Thank you for your continuing support of openSUSE_11.2 users.

However, it seems that at least the mirror


is not in sync.

The last update in this tree is dated 20-Jun-2011.
src and x86_64 are updated on 12-Aug-2011.

I stumbled about this because my i586 installation still has vlc-1.1.10 
installed. While the x86_64 version already has vlc-1.1.11.

Could you be so kind and check into this?

Thank you for your efforts.

Best Regards
Herbert U. Hübner

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