[packman] [opensuse-buildservice] 404 remote error: remote error Not Found

Pascal Bleser pascal.bleser at opensuse.org
Fri Apr 29 00:17:00 CEST 2011

On 2011-04-28 19:03:10 (+0200), Pascal Bleser <pascal.bleser at opensuse.org> wrote:
> Our Packman OBS instance (at http://pmbs.links2linux.org) gets
> quite a number of mysterious build failures that only provide
> the following log message:
> 404 remote error: remote error  Not Found

After a bit of adding traces here and there, I managed to
isolate the issue a little.

The error comes from the bs_srcserver on the same host, and here
is the relevant (but huge) log excerpt, with some Data::Dumper

Hopes this makes any kind of sense to someone.

From what I can see, that RPC request causes an internal server
error on build.opensuse.org :\

  -o) Pascal Bleser
  /\\ http://opensuse.org -- we haz green
 _\_v http://fosdem.org   -- we haz conf
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