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jdd jdd at dodin.org
Mon Apr 11 18:52:48 CEST 2011

Hello, packman guys :-)

I send you this mail because I don't want to continue an unusefull 
discussion with greg (KH) - his answer is there just in case you 
didn't read it.

Fact is packman is (in my own opinion) a main opensuse repository, I 
could do none of my work without it.

But the status of packman in opensuse (at least versus bugzilla - I 
know of the legal discussion) is not clear.

There seems not to be any clearly defined way to report bugs for 
multimedia applications. Of course when packaging is the matter 
(dependency problem, for example), it seems normal to write to this 
list, but what when it's a more complex bug, when the reporter don't 
know if the bug is in the main package or some library or other called 

The situation is even more funny when I read on the same thread "I 
closed the bug as wontfix because it is from packman, then I fixed the 
bug in packman" from the same people. This shows there is no clear 
separation between opensuse and packman (and I'm very glad of this!).

well. I try to makes it more easy to fix bugs on multimdia 
applications. may be if they are not fixed it's because reporting is 
too difficult :-((

what di you think? how could we improve the bug reporting?


Le 11/04/2011 18:28, Greg KH a écrit :
> On Mon, Apr 11, 2011 at 05:40:24PM +0200, jdd wrote:
>> Le 11/04/2011 16:56, Greg KH a écrit :
>>> Not true at all, this is up to the Packman developers, nothing the
>>> openSUSE developers can do about this for lots of various legal reasons,
>>> as has been stated numerous times here.
>> well, if the legal problem impacts not only the distribution but
>> also the bugreports, this is a bad news.
> No, the issue is that packman bugs belong to packman, not to the main
> openSUSE bugzilla, as the openSUSE developers can do nothing about
> packman packages.
> It's just that simple, sorry.
> greg k-h


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