[packman] gPodder openSUSE 11.4 package

windows2linux windows2linux at zoho.com
Mon Apr 4 03:45:15 CEST 2011

As a follow up to this, since I never got a reply in my inbox: http://lists.links2linux.de/pipermail/packman/2011-March/009772.html

It appears that the gnome-btdownload issue was fixed (I think?), but there are still some problems:

MPlayer is not needed, (and neither was gnome-btdownload.) They are only "recommended" on other distros. Removing the MPlayer dependency will also free up uneeded packages (that MPlayer pulls in as dependencies.)

Just recently, I get another error when trying to install gPodder on 11.4 (again.) It says it cannot find the "python-pymad" package.

I do know that if I purposefully "break" gPodder by removing gnome-btdownload and MPlayer (and its deps), gPodder works fine. I'm not sure why gPodder is requiring these dependencies on openSUSE. This might seem odd to a newcomer who wants to install gPodder on openSUSE.

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