[packman] libavcore needs latest libavutil

Carl Eugen Hoyos cehoyos at ag.or.at
Mon Nov 15 13:27:40 CET 2010


When I updated (only) ffmpeg today, libavcore was installed, but libavutil was
not automatically updated, leading to this output:
$ ffmpeg           
ffmpeg: relocation error: /usr/lib64/libavcore.so.0: symbol
av_default_item_name, version LIBAVUTIL_50 not defined in file libavutil.so.50
with link time reference

Allow me to repeat that Packman currently violates FFmpeg copyrights by
distributing a non-free binary (that may not be redistributed). Note that the
GPL (which Packmans version of FFmpeg contains code for) requires all parts of
the software to be licensed under the GPL (or a compatible software license)
which is not the case for the binary Packman distributes (=Packman risks to
permanently loose the right to distribute GPL'ed software in this package).

Carl Eugen

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