[packman] Problems with keys - resend without attachement

Don Gingrich gingrich at rmit.edu.au
Fri May 14 08:51:27 CEST 2010

When I connect with openSuSE 11.1, I get the following

Validation Check Failed:

File repmod.xml from repository-20090704-062102
is signed with the following GnuPG key, but the integrity check failed:

ID: 45A1D0671ABD1AFB
Fingerprint: F887 5B88 0D51 8B6B 8C53 0D13 45A1 D067 1ABD 1AFB
Name: PackMan Project(signing key) <packman at links2linux.de>
Created: 09/21/2008
Expires: 09/21/2010

This means that the file has been changed by accident or by an attacker
since the repository creator signed it. Using it is a big risk
for the integrity and security of your system.

Use it anyway?

         <Yes>  <No>


The keys seem to be correct, but it says that the
integrity check failed. The same thing happened on
another system running OpenSuSE 11.2 yesterday.

Has someone compromised your server?

Don Gingrich
gingrich at rmit.edu.au    School of CSIT, RMIT Melbourne, Au
gingrich at acm.org        don.gingrich at member.sage-au.org.au

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