[packman] pidgin-facebookchat package for Packman

Tim Edwards tkedwards at fastmail.com.au
Fri Jan 29 09:42:59 CET 2010

Hi Pascal,

I've created an RPM for the Facebook chat plugin for pidgin. There seem
to be some in the build service but none work on the pidgin version that
comes with OpenSuse 11.2, they all seem to be built against other pidgin
packages - (the GNOME:Apps one for example gives (15:17:11) plugins:
/usr/lib/purple-2/libfacebook.so is not loadable: undefined symbol:

Anyway I'd like to get this included in Packman, only for 11.2
unfortunately as the required JSON glib package doesn't exist in 11.0 or

The package is under the home:tim_edwards project at

Tim Edwards

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