[packman] question

Boguslaw Kluz boguskluz at gmail.com
Thu Feb 4 08:58:30 CET 2010

My question is this: How long does it take to update a program in your

I have installed SWORD from your repo and the official release was
updated last month. And now I'm waiting when it will be available on
your server.
I'm sorry for the question, but I'm new in Linux and learning things, so
please, no offense.

Best regards,
Boguslaw Kluz

Dla tych, co maja i wiedza jak, 
prosze szyfrowac wiadomosci do mnie kluczem z zalacznika.
A tym co nie maja, to polecam PGP.

For those who have and know,
please, encrypt messages for me with attached key.
Those who don't have, I recomend PGP.

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