[packman] OBS 2.x and new repository layout

Pascal Bleser pascal.bleser at opensuse.org
Fri Dec 31 01:13:55 CET 2010

On 2010-12-30 19:04:13 (-0500), todd rme <toddrme2178 at gmail.com> wrote:
> On Thu, Dec 30, 2010 at 6:27 PM, Pascal Bleser
> <pascal.bleser at opensuse.org> wrote:
> Is there any way to have both, to have separate repositories, then one
> master repository that mirrors all the packages from the other
> repositories?

In theory, yes, and practice too but it would consume twice as much disk
space and bandwidth on our mirrors. And twice the build power (as an
aggregate probably wouldn't do, as the complete repo could potentially
mix different versions of libraries/dependencies).

> Another advantage of sub-repositories is that they can be built
> against other repositories.  For instance the packman games repository
> can be built against the OBS games repository, eliminating the need
> for redundant packages and preventing conflicts like we have with
> allegro.  If you did a KDE repository, it could be built against all
> the different KDE repositories (KDE:Distro:Stable, KDE:Distro:Factory,
> KDE:Unstable:SC, etc) with no additional work on your part.  Critical
> packages that users might not have available could be linked to the
> OBS ones, but would always automatically be kept in sync.  This would
> mean, for instance, you wouldn't need your own build of K3B, you could
> just build the codecs against the version of K3B in each repository.

We already do that for many packages.
We currently don't build against e.g. KDE:Distro:* because we don't have
enough build power (hosts) to do so.

> I do think that having proper patterns would be beneficial, if
> possible.  People should just be able to install, for instance, the
> "packman codecs" pattern and it pulls in all of the normally-used
> codecs.

That's an option as well, independently from the layout.

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