[packman] DVD Styler won't start up

Willem Franssen willemfranssen at planet.nl
Thu Aug 26 12:31:26 CEST 2010

DVDStyler 1.8.1-2.pm.4.10 does not start up in OpenSUSE 11.3 + KDE 4.4.4

Error message:
willem at linux-sxpc:~> dvdstyler
dvdstyler: relocation error: /usr/lib/libavformat.so.52: symbol 
ff_toupper4, version LIBAVCODEC_52 not defined in file libavcodec.so.52 
with link time reference

Is there something wrong with libavcodec and/or libavformat?

On my system are installed:
libavcodec52  0.6-1.pm.8.11 (FFmpeglibavcodec) and libavformat52 (ffmpeg/avformat, so no packman version)

In /usr/lib I see:
libavcodec.so 52.72.2 and libavformat.so 52.78.3

Kind regards, Willem Franssen

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