[packman] openSUSE 11.3 repo missing

Manfred Tremmel manfred at links2linux.de
Mon Aug 23 20:30:22 CEST 2010

Am Samstag, 21. August 2010 schrieb DBA:
> I'm sure you're busy but it's been almost a month now and this still
>  hasn't been remedied. On the following page
> http://en.opensuse.org/Additional_package_repositories it mentions
>  that the Belgian repo is at
>  http://packman.mirrors.skynet.be/pub/packman/suse/11.3 but it
>  clearly isn't. Is this a fault on your website or an error in the
>  openSUSE documentation?

As Lutz Thuns has told you nearly a month ago, the skynet mirror isn't 
up to date, it doesn't sync, so use another mirror, you can find the 
list at http://packman.links2linux.de/MIRRORS.html

> Is this something I could/should fix in the openSUSE documentation?

Every link to skynet should be removed, it makes no sence to install old 
packages from an outdated mirror.

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