[packman] Pacman MPlayer package

Guillermo Ballester Valor gbv at oxixares.com
Fri Aug 6 00:33:39 CEST 2010


The packman MPlayer package is very old. It almost have a year old. Some 
interesting things like vp8 /webm is not running in 30099 rev (the current 
packman version).

 I've been trying to update the packman spec to latest snapshot (r31927).

I did it, it was no easy. Some new patches added and most of old ones 

Finally, I succeded in making the package. I don't know who really build the 
package in packman team so I only can tell you that the src.rpm package is


Obviously, the name of revision should be adapted to packman format.

Hope it helps you.


Guillermo Ballester Valor

Developer, Webmaster and Maintainer of weather site 
Granada (Spain)

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