[packman] streamtuner2 start but don't play music

erich.klose at networld.at erich.klose at networld.at
Sun Aug 1 19:29:36 CEST 2010

This is out of my lxterminal
LXML is missing
No module named pyquery

Please install the packages python-lxml and python-pyquery from your
distributions software manager.

('error initializing:', 'radiode')
oooops, parser returned nothing for category Alternative
/usr/bin/streamtuner2:226: GtkWarning: Don't know color `'
/usr/bin/streamtuner2:226: GtkWarning: gtk_list_store_get_value: assertion
`column < list_store->n_columns' failed
/usr/bin/streamtuner2:226: Warning: g_object_set_property: assertion `G_IS_VALUE
(value)' failed
/usr/bin/streamtuner2:226: Warning: g_value_unset: assertion `G_IS_VALUE
(value)' failed
/usr/bin/streamtuner2:1089: GtkWarning: Don't know color `'
/usr/bin/streamtuner2:1089: GtkWarning: gtk_list_store_get_value: assertion
`column < list_store->n_columns' failed
/usr/bin/streamtuner2:1089: Warning: g_object_set_property: assertion
`G_IS_VALUE (value)' failed
/usr/bin/streamtuner2:1089: Warning: g_value_unset: assertion `G_IS_VALUE
(value)' failed

python-lxml is installed in version 2.2.6-3.1
python-pyquery I can't find in any repo I use

I use opensuse 11.3_64 with lxde

Streamtuner2 will bring the gui, but will not play any music from any station.

Hope it`s no big problem to figure out if its only my installation or your rpm.

I hope you can help me, and thanks for your good work.
Greetings Erich

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