[packman] OpenTTD without original requirement

Marcel Gmür packman at ammler.ch
Wed Oct 14 15:34:22 CEST 2009


As I heard, Tony is back, I have some infos for the openttd package,
at first, I dunno, if it makes sense to have it on packman and on

Anyway, it is now possible to play it without the original graphics
and soon (spring 2010) also without original sound.

I played around myself with the build services and made together with
your spec, the obs spec and fedora spec a combination of the tools and


The official obs repo "games" did merge the tools in openttd-utils,
personally, I don't like that but well. :-)

Also since 0.7, openttd has a ingame content download support, so
there should be no need anymore for bundle scenarios with it.

You might checkout my project and take what you like. :-)

Thanks and greets
Marcel "Ammler" Gmür

P.S. about me: I am not part of the openttd core developer team, just
an enthusiastic player and member of #openttdcoop, we manage the
graphics replacement set OpenGFX, which is made completely from the

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