[packman] fpc (and further ?) packages linkin from api.opensuse.org ?

Toni toni at links2linux.de
Wed Nov 25 09:05:39 CET 2009

Am Mittwoch, 25. November 2009 schrieb Adrian Schröter:
> Hi Tongra and others,
> thanks a lot for your work on the fpc package. I copied it into the
> devel:languages:pascal project of build.opensuse.org to get it working
> again (and up to date).
sometimes it is a messy package, but the fedora people are often faster and 
have the needed patches and/or workarounds ...

> Pascal suggest that we may should maintain it in build.opensuse.org and
> just create a source link in main project of packman build service.
> I would add you as maintainer in the devel:languages:pascal project in that
> case.
> What is your opinion about that ?
I need this fpc / lazarus packages for a handful of packman packages 
(cactusjukebox, dargui, easymp3gain, peazip, scrabble, winff, gearhead2, 
hedgewars). Those programs needs mostly the actual stable versions of fpc and 
lazarus, so it should be possible to move this package to OBS.

I don't test the tools itself, only the generated programs. In case of lazarus 
I use only the CLI to compile the programs and do only a quicktest with the 
GUI. If you can accept this, we can move it over.

Perhaps a second maintainer, with deeper pascal knowledge, for those packages 
would be good idea.

> Are there other packages where such a setup would make sense ?
lazarus, the IDE for fpc would than make sense too

Other develpment tools like llvm and jam are also candidates. 

I already linked the dosbox package from Ludwig and the ghc package from the 
haskell repository to our repo.

On the other side, I'm not a friend of splitting in "millions" of 
subrepositories, and if someone wants to install one of the above programs 
and can't do it because she/he had to add a special repo to fulfill the 
dependecies leads often to a flood of emails and needs more support from us. 
So I would prefer to publish those packages in our repository.

This leads to the question, why not linking parts of the packman-repsitory to 
build.opensuse.org ?

> thanks
> adrian
have fun

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