[packman] How to help out the Packman repo?

Tim Edwards tkedwards at fastmail.com.au
Tue Nov 24 23:06:35 CET 2009

Am 24.11.2009 22:04, schrieb Pascal Bleser:
> Now, if you mean actually testing the application, then it's enough if
> you test it on your 11.2 + it builds fine on other openSUSE versions.
Great, that's easily manageable.
>> * Should I use lzma instead of gzip for the source file(s) within the
>> source RPM? Is the binary RPM automatically in lzma?
> The binary RPM is automatically lzma, it's totally independent from the
> compression format of the sources.
> Please do not use lzma for the source tarball, as rpmbuild doesn't
> support decompression .tar.lzma files -- use bzip2 instead.
No problems, I've already converted the source tarball to bz2.



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