[packman] [PM] mjpegtools 1.9.0rc4-0.pm.0 (openSUSE 10.3/ppc)

Manfred Tremmel manfred at links2linux.de
Tue Nov 24 06:49:10 CET 2009

Am Dienstag, 24. November 2009 schrieb Stephan Kleine:
> Hello.
> I just tried to run tovid on 11.2 which failed with
> =========================================================
>   mpeg2enc    MISSING!
> =========================================================
>   mp2enc      MISSING
> According to http://linux.die.net/man/1/mpeg2enc it probably should
>  be in your mjpegtools package which is installed but the files
>  aren't there.

Are you sure, you've installed the Packman mjpegtools and not the one 
SUSE delivers? Both files are included in our mjpegtools package. And 
sorry openSUSE 10.3 is out of support, there will be no more updates for 

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