[packman] How to help out the Packman repo?

Pascal Bleser pascal.bleser at skynet.be
Sun Nov 22 12:34:58 CET 2009

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On 11/22/2009 11:43 AM, MasterPatricko wrote:
> Does this mean you don't want new contributors? Regardless of the state
> of the specific packages mentioned, surely you would want some fresh
> help ...

I didn't say that :)

> A few people (including me) have asked how we can help in previous
> recent messages on the mailing list and have been met with no information.

It was quite complicated in the past. Now that we switched to using OBS,
it has indeed become much easier, as it doesn't require giving full SSH
access to the build host.

Nevertheless, it is a matter of trust, as anything you'd package would
land in the Packman repository, which is used by quite a lot of people.

What we've done already for two contributors is to give them an account
on our OBS, but only to their home: project at first, where they can
package stuff. We review those packages and then push them to our "main"
project. Note that only packages from our "main" project are pushed to
our repository. Stuff built in home: projects doesn't.

We can also make use of OBS' collaboration features that way (submit
requests -> review the diff -> apply -> push to repo).

I mean, sure, if someone is willing to take away the huge pain in the
bottom that is building Deluge, be my guest ;)

But we definitely need to think of some incubation time/mechanism before
we allow people to push packages to our repository. It is way too easy
to push malware onto several tens of thousands of people with RPM packages.

For getmail, there is no way we are going to have it in Packman, as it
is already packaged and maintained elsewhere (actually, I maintained a
few getmail versions there). That would simply be duplicating work,
useless, pointless, and creating confusion.

What would you like to maintain ? (even though using a nickname in your
emails certainly doesn't improve the trust level ;))

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