[packman] [PM] wxWidgets missing symbols in library

Cristian Morales Vega cmorve69 at yahoo.es
Mon Mar 23 18:23:30 CET 2009

The Packman version doesn't returns anyhing to the "nm -D
/usr/lib64/libwx_baseu-2.8.so.0.5.0 | grep wxStackWalker" command
while the openSUSE 11.1 package returns:
00000000000f42a0 T _ZN13wxStackWalker10InitFramesEP12wxStackFramemPPvPPc
00000000003681f0 B _ZN13wxStackWalker10ms_exepathE
00000000003681e0 B _ZN13wxStackWalker10ms_symbolsE
0000000000367ba0 B _ZN13wxStackWalker12ms_addressesE
00000000000f4940 T _ZN13wxStackWalker13ProcessFramesEm
00000000000f4e50 W _ZN13wxStackWalker17WalkFromExceptionEv
00000000000f4ac0 T _ZN13wxStackWalker4WalkEmm
00000000003681e8 B _ZN13wxStackWalker7m_depthE
00000000000f41f0 T _ZN13wxStackWalker9FreeStackEv
00000000000f4250 T _ZN13wxStackWalker9SaveStackEm
00000000000f4e90 W _ZN13wxStackWalkerD0Ev
00000000000f4ee0 W _ZN13wxStackWalkerD1Ev
00000000000f4e70 W _ZN17wxStackWalkerBaseD0Ev
00000000000f4e40 W _ZN17wxStackWalkerBaseD1Ev
0000000000359be0 V _ZTI13wxStackWalker
0000000000359c20 V _ZTI17wxStackWalkerBase
000000000011f7e0 V _ZTS13wxStackWalker
000000000011f800 V _ZTS17wxStackWalkerBase
0000000000359b60 V _ZTV13wxStackWalker
0000000000359c80 V _ZTV17wxStackWalkerBase

I think it would be solved with a "--enable-backtrace"... that
openSUSE spec file doesn't uses (wasn't supposed to be enabled?) but
somehow the build log says:
"loading argument cache configarg.cache
checking for --enable-backtrace... yes"
It makes aegisub package from home:RedDwarf:multimedia complain with
the Packman wxWidgets version.

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