[packman] nuvexport + ffmpeg

gigli gigli at swipnet.se
Wed Mar 18 21:22:25 CET 2009


I'm new to opensuse. Have used mythtv a couple of years and are now
trying Opensuse (coming from gentoo). My problem is with nuvexport which
claims i need a svn or cvs version to work. Transcode which i use most
of the time gives med following error when useing nuvexport --transcode

[transcode] critical: bad argument for -V/--video_format, should be one
of: yuv420p (default), yuv422p, rgb24

and stops

Mencoder works in one pass but dies early in two pass encodings. So i'm
at loss here. Hope someone can help me. Suse 11.1, amd64, packman packages.


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