[packman] ktorrent 3.2.0 freezing/crashing

Felipe Alvarez felipe.alvarez at gmail.com
Wed Mar 11 12:06:56 CET 2009

reproducible: always
Steps to reproduce:

1) Open ktorrent
2) go to prefs/options
3) change the directory where dot.torrent files go to
4) click the button on the right to reveal a directory tree (!*Important*!)
5) start typing in the bottom text-box
        a) my torrent incoming directory is set to
~/.ktorrent/torrent-files (dot.ktorrent). I don't know if that has
something to do with it, or not. Try typing a "dot" just after
6) ktorrent freezes, and does not respond
7) attempt to close. Kwin will want to "TERM" the application

I'm running opensuse 11.1 kde4-factory
Is this a bug to bring to Ktorrent team? Or packman? I can never tell


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