[packman] [PM] bleachbit 0.5.2-0.pm.1 (openSUSE 11.1/noarch)

Uwe Vogt [aka JaDa] jada at opensuse.us
Wed Jul 22 23:47:19 CEST 2009

Bleachbit is out of date!

16 Jul 2009: Version 0.5.4 released

regards Uwe

The following changes are included since 0.5.3:
Add new feature to automatically hide irrelevant cleaners. "Irrelevant  
cleaners" are those that would make no changes on your system (such as for  
an application you don't have.) On by default, it slightly increases the  
time to start BleachBit, but it significantly reduces the time to find  
options because of the reduced clutter. BleachBit now has over 50 cleaners  
(many with multiple options), so the list of cleaners was too long.
Clean SeaMonkey
Delete Adobe Reader MRU's
Delete Opera download history, URL history, and current session.
Fix bug: don't uninstall OpenOffice.org extensions.
Specific to Linux
Clean X Window Systems session errors log thanks to Roman HornĂ­k.
Specific to Windows
Clean Google Toolbar.
Clean Microsoft Office MRU's.
Clean WinRAR MRU's.
Enhance Microsoft Windows MRU cleaner to clean mapped network drives MRU's  
and Vista/7-specific MRU's.
When upgrading, the uninstaller will guide you in uninstalling the old  
version before installing the new version.
Optionally create a desktop shortcut to start BleachBit.
Fix bug: in case with a cleaner option having multiple Windows registry  
entries to be deleted, some were skipped.

The following changes are included since 0.5.2:
Expand CleanerML to display warnings for options.
Add ability to clean Windows registry keys and named values (available in  
Show in real time the total bytes cleaned in the status bar, so you don't  
have to scroll to the end of the list.
Clean FileZilla
Clean aMule thanks to juancarlospaco (LP#390496)
Specific to Linux
Clean Audacious thanks to juancarlospaco.
Clean Links2 thanks to MixCool.
Clean Xine thanks to juancarlospaco.
Clean a little more of espeak on Ubuntu.
Specific to Windows
Clean TeamViewer thanks to MixCool.
Clean Internet Explorer Typed URL history.
Clean Windows system MRU (most recently-used) lists.


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