[packman] contribute to Packman

sda dmitry.serpokryl at gmail.com
Sun Jan 11 12:01:24 CET 2009


my name is dmitry and i wish to contribute "Wicd" package for you. right
now i'm using the OBS:

but recent 'brp' checks simply not allow the proper compilation of it.
already did all required to solve the case, but unfortunately still no
results in OBS for 11.1/Factory branches. 

if this situation stay as it is - i'll be happy to transfer all my
modest repos to Packman, because "Exalt" package is also affected and it
is the core/backend for a E17's network module (connection manager).

also i'm interested to create "libplayer" package and continue to extend
the original "xmms" plugins packages with Toni Graffy.


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