[packman] jack-0.116.x and jack2 (aka jackmp)

Steffen Klein steffen at klein-network.de
Fri Jan 2 17:46:59 CET 2009


Ok, I read the whole thread. I think I understand your point...

But besides some users with a kind of unlucky behaviour in dealing with
package management and system administration, there are also a _lot_ of
more people who successfully installed your packages over the years and
as well the current ones.

I personally installed your jack and jack2 packages with yast, smart,
zypper and by hand on different machines without problems. There really
has been a dependencie problem in some jack version for 1 or 2 days wich
would have triggered the uninstall of many apps, but it was fixed the
next day.
Well, you just have to read what would be done if the package management
proceeds and in case of unusual actions you have to be careful if you
are on a system used for professional use. This is the normal
responsibility as user/admin. Nobody is perfect and bugs can happen.

(I think) in the name of many many other lucky and thankful users,
please reactivate the new jack versions, we are waiting for them. Think
at least about providing the source rpms, therefore everyone is
obviously on its one, while still being able to maintain a consistent

Regards and thanks for your (sparetime!) efforts,

Toni schrieb:
> Am Freitag, 2. Januar 2009 schrieb Steffen Klein:
>> Hi
>> Any info on what, why happened to the current jack 0.116.1 and jack2
>> packages and when we can expect new packages?
> the reason I dropped those packages from the packman repo is simple:
> http://lists.linuxaudio.org/pipermail/linux-audio-dev/2008-December/022310.html
> you should read the whole thread :)
> and as long as such people can post such messages on official mailing-lists, 
> and none of the audio-gurus there (I've packaged most of their programms for 
> openSuSE) does nothing against or bann such persons I have no interest at all 
> to provide such packages for the moment.
>> BTW: Is anyone working ffado?
>> Regards,
>> Steffen

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