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Andrea Florio andrea at opensuse.org
Fri Dec 4 20:25:29 CET 2009

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Hi Peter, you maybe didn't notice SalomeGeometry's URL nor the
description i'm afraid. here the package description:

"A complete OpenCascade - OCAF based CAD framework. Note that this is
not the original SALOME GEOM project but an effort to create a
standalone framework based on the existing one from SALOME project, with
the addition of extra functionality."

so this package is just a set of libraries like openCASCADE.

I'm actually working on "real" SALOME: http://www.salome-platform.org/
(today the website looks to be down)

but it's not so easy to package and build. Right now you can find the
first test packages in OBS repo Education:Salome:Factory


Packages are still into a early stage, and infact looks to works fine
only on i586 (x86_64 has some issues due to hardcoded /usr/lib when
x86_64 use /usr/lib64)

Not all packages are succesufull but i think to be able to provide you a
full Salome as xmas gift! (at least on i586)

actually available modules are "kernel, gui, geometry and med".

Any way, as i told you i'm working to provide ORIGINAL salome, but i
will not provide SALOME-MECA because of 2 main reason:

1st it's based on an outdated salome version (4.something)
2nd it's enought to unzip the tarball e run the starting script.

i hope you'll want to provide me some useful test on salome packages.

btw. i should release into packaman repo pythonOCC soon

i know the mail is .de but it's because of packman stuff
(links2linux.de), feel free to use my "real" mail that is

andrea at opensuse.org


Il 04/12/2009 19:56, Peter Blankenhorn ha scritto:
> Dear Andrea,
> the e-mail link was directed to a *.de address – therefore I thought to contact 
> you best in German. Let's continue in English...
> I was very pleased to find the Salome CAD and FEM program in the Packman 
> directory. In my job I'm working with Salome. It's a great and professional 
> software. In our company we have installed CAELinux. It's a Ubuntu distribution 
> with Salome as a main application.
> http://www.caelinux.com
> For my private computer I don't want to switch to Ubuntu. Therefore I was 
> searching for Salome RPM's. But after installing the Packman RPM's I noticed 
> there is no executable included. Was it your intension?
> Would it be possible to offer
> http://www.caelinux.com/CMS/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=46&Itemid=40
> as a Packman RPM?
> Best regards,
> Peter

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