[packman] KBasic

Richard Creighton ricreig at gmail.com
Wed Dec 2 21:17:14 CET 2009

On Wednesday 02 December 2009 15:05:51 Hendrik Vogelsang wrote:
> Hi,
> oldcpu wrote:
> > KBasic does read like a very interesting package. I too would like to
> > see it available as an rpm for openSUSE.
> It belongs to the KDE repo. Not here. Please talk to the KDE team. They
> have their list at opensuse-kde at opensuse.org
> Henne

The K in KBasic is explained on their website and DOES NOT imply anything at 
all to do with KDE.   They explained QtBASIC was already taken and listed 
other choices rejected for various reasons and ended up with K)Basic as a 
reasonable choice, but NOT affiliated with KDE except that it should run well 
in that environment.

It is multi-platform, works on a MAC, several other distros, will work with 
other DE's than just KDEn.   It should work with Gnome, XFCE, E16/17, etc.  
While it would be nice if KDE devs/packagers want to optimize it for KDE4, it 
is better used as a general tool like C++ or  MySQL or Firefox, etc., which 
aren't DE centric but are more generic systems programs.

If it is freely installable, GPL'd, etc, it would be best to be in OSS if 
packaged for SuSE.   If there is *any* licensing issues, then Non-OSS or as 
requested, Pacman which is somewhat SuSE centric but without the licensing 
hang-up of Novell, et.al..


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