[packman] request for including in Packman, Bombono DVD

Ilya Murav'jov muravev at yandex.ru
Mon Aug 17 10:01:27 CEST 2009

Hi all!

Some time ago Tony Graffy used to add my program to  Packman, see 
Anw while it was not that ready for normal using, it was nice. :)
Now I've done it to some very usable state, rename it to Bombono DVD and 
made the site for it:

So it would be nice if someone (Toni?) engages in packaging Bombono DVD 
for openSUSE.

*** Some advertising ***

 Bombono DVD is easy to use program for making DVD-Video.
 The main features of Bombono DVD are:
  * excellent MPEG viewer: Timeline and Monitor
  * real WYSIWYG Menu Editor with live thumbnails
  * comfortable Drag-N-Drop support
  * you can author to folder, make ISO-image or burn directly to DVD
  * reauthoring: you can import video from DVD discs.

URL: http://www.bombono.org <http://www.bombono.org>
License: GPL2
 1) need SCons for building;
 2) I've rpm-ed and checked it for openSUSE 11.0, see 

*** end: Some advertising ***

If you have any question dont hesitate to email me.

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