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Andrea Florio andrea at links2linux.de
Tue Apr 28 12:18:21 CEST 2009

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David Ekholm ha scritto:
> Hi. I was contacted by a Linux user (MonicaW) who was missing a Jalbum
> package for openSUSE. We're the makers of Jalbum - one of the world's
> most popular software titles for making web photo albums
> (http://jalbum.net). We would very much like to provide better Linux
> packages than the .bin file we provide today (including Ubuntu if
> possible).
> Monica told me this was the address to turn to for assistance on this.
> For each release we put together a special package for Windows (an .msi
> package), for Mac we put together a .dmg file, but for Linux we're still
> relying on the old .bin scripts that InstallAnywhere spits out. We also
> manually put together a .zip file. Perhaps you can help us maintaining
> better Linux packages by baseing yours on this .zip file? Jalbum is
> freeware and is to a large extent LGPL licensed. It is also based on a
> number of Apache and LGPL licenced open source packages. In the .zip
> file we have a "license" subdirectory with more details on those
> components.
> The current zip file is located at
> http://jalbum.net/download/Jalbum8.2.8.zip
> What is your comments on this? We will pass you a set of .PNG icons in
> different sizes if that is helpful.
> Regards
> /David - Jalbum's founder
> Vidarebefordrat brev:
>> Från: Monica Wallek <monica at wallek.com>
>> Datum: må 27 apr 2009 01.25.24 GMT+02:00
>> Till: David Ekholm <david at jalbum.net>
>> Ämne: linux packager contact info
>> wow. After more digging and two referrals, I have an email address for
>> you to talk with a Linux packager!
>> packman at links2linux.de
>> I know the Packman repositories handle openSUSE and they address other
>> rpm packaging as well.
>> RPM covers openSUSE/SUSE, Mandriva, fedora, red hat and so on.
>> Possibly handles DEB (debian, and all the ubuntu flavors too.)
>> Spouse considers them "trustworthy". Could be a "one stop" packager
>> for you.
>> Likely they'll need your license terms, relevant files to be built
>> into the package(s) and the software description, etc.
>> If they ask, as of Apr. 26, there were no current packages listed in
>> the openSUSE web pin repository search for "Jalbum" or "jalbum".
>> Frog meet gecko, moon, hats, and maybe gears and spiral. :)
>> smiling,
>> MonicaW

i'm using that applicaion now.. that's great, we will package it of
course... btw, i'll package it, but if some "JAVA GURUS" whant to do it
they may need then script attached

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