[packman] [PM] subtitleeditor 0.24.0-0.pm.1 (openSUSE 11.0/i586)

Luboš Staněk lubek at users.sourceforge.net
Tue Sep 23 13:13:50 CEST 2008

Hi Pascal,
good work, the idea of included glibmm is nice when the global update is not possible.

In fact the glibmm version could be even lower than 2.16.0. The reason to blacklist specific glibmm versions was due to the broken processing of the G_OPTION_REMAINING flag (in 2.16.0-2.16.2). It prevents subtitleeditor to process command line arguments and thus the desktop integration is not working. There is a high probability that this bug influences more applications.

Just for your information, I have been solving this in Fedora as well:

Thanks for your work.

Best regards,

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