[packman] [PM] bibletime (openSUSE 11.0/i586)

mike mike at mykot.com
Tue Sep 9 08:58:15 CEST 2008

Greetings and thank you for all of your work.
  I do not want to burden you, but I do have a question.  I am having a 
problem with the most current version of SuSE and Bibletime.  I have logged 
the question into the Sword forum, but with no response. The Bibletime forum 
seems to be closed.   Where could I send this to for help?

Below is both the problem and what is on the Sword forum:

 I have just updated my SuSE linux from 10.3 to 11.0. I am using the ESV as my 
primary text. It used to show cross references within the text (in blue) that 
would show in the mag window. Since this update there are only little blue 
rectangles where the cross references should be. Is there a way to get them 
back? This is consistant on all 3 systems I have installed, both i586 and 

thanks in advance,

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