[packman] gkrellm daemon init script

Hans-Peter Jansen hpj at urpla.net
Sun Oct 5 13:35:30 CEST 2008

Dear Pascal,

today, I received the new packman gkrellm package from you. Thanks, but 
let me voice some nitpicks:

# /etc/init.d/gkrellmd start
Starting gkrellmd Bad arg: nobody
usage: gkrellmd [options]
   -u, --update-hz F         Monitor update frequency
   -m, --max-clients N       Number of simultaneous clients
   -A, --address A           Address of network interface to listen on
   -P, --port P              Server port to listen on
   -a, --allow-host host     Allow connections from specified hosts
   -c, --clear-hosts         Clears the current list of allowed hosts
       --io-timeout N        Close connection after N seconds of no I/O
       --reconnect-timeout N Try to connect every N seconds after
                             a disconnect
       --mailbox path        Send local mailbox counts to gkrellm clients.
   -d, --detach              Run in background and detach from terminal
   -U, --user username       Change to this username after startup
   -G, --group groupname     Change to this group after startup
   -p,  --plugin name        Enable a command line plugin
   -pe, --plugin-enable name Enable an installed plugin
       --plist               List plugins and exit
       --plog                Print plugin install log
       --logfile path        Enable logging to a file
       --syslog              Enable logging to the system syslog file
       --pidfile path        Create a PID file
   -V, --verbose             increases the verbosity of gkrellmd
   -h, --help                display this help and exit
   -v, --version             output version information and exit

I boiled down to the '-d' option, gkrellmd seems to moan on any option
given after. Fixed it with the attached patch.

Whilöe at it, could you please add the ususal rcgkrellmd symlink for the 
next release.

BTW, I hope, you're getting the opensuse community board leader.


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