[packman] packman's gstreamer and new banshee -> crashes

Toni toni at links2linux.de
Sun Nov 16 22:30:18 CET 2008

Am Sonntag, 16. November 2008 schrieb Andrés G. Aragoneses:
> Hi guys, are you aware of this problem?
> http://forums.opensuse.org/applications/multimedia/398625-banshee-crahses.h
I can't do anything against it :)

Solution 1) 
banshee needs to be compiled against the new packman libraries ... 
any volunteers to package banshee for packman ?

Solution 2)
simply use the original SuSE packages and banshee without any of the packman 
packages (gstreamer, ffmpeg, x264, etc ...).

> Regards,
> 	Andrés

have fun

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