[packman] sane-backends requires hotplug

Rui Santos rsantos at ruisantos.com
Wed May 7 00:43:11 CEST 2008

Manfred Tremmel wrote:
> Am Dienstag, 6. Mai 2008 schrieb Rui Santos:
>> Manfred Tremmel wrote:
>>> Am Montag, 5. Mai 2008 schrieb Rui Santos:
>>>> Manfred Tremmel wrote:
>>>>> Am Freitag, 2. Mai 2008 schrieb Rui Santos:
>>>>>> Hi all,
>>>>>>     I'm trying to upgrade my openSUSE version 10.3 to
>>>>>> kernel-2.6.25. Kernel-2.6.25 requires udev-120
>>>>>>     udev-120 obsoletes hotplug
>>>>> In 10.3 hotplug is provided by udev. When you update udev,
>>>>> doesn't the new package provide hotplug?
>>>> No, it specific obsoletes it...
>>> Install the sane source-rpm, remove the requires entry in the spec
>>> file and recompile it. I don't think it will make trouble.
>> Nice :) Haven't thought of that... Thanks.
>>> I can't provide a package for each update tree out of the normal
>>> openSUSE YOU update.
>> It was not my intention of even suggest that.
>> But, if you look at udev's openSUSE Factory at
>> http://download.opensuse.org/distribution/SL-OSS-factory/inst-source/
>> suse/i586/udev-120-6.i586.rpm you can see in the openSUSE's changelog,
>> that after udev-120, hotplug is remove as stated as '- remove ancient
>> Obsoletes: hotplug" on that specific changelog.
>> Just be ware that it seems that openSUSE 11.0 will provide no hotplug
>> ( from an rpm provides point of view ) on it's udev.
> I'll keep it in mind for first sane build for 11.0.
>>> udev provides the hotplug mechanism, if there is a Provides entry,
>>> or not.
>> Yes. So why not replace the hotplug requirement udev? If it suits
>> all, then it's a good thing, right ?
> Because older SUSE versions didn't use udev, but have hotplug as 
> separate package. So it was easier simply to use hotplug as requirement 
> for all builds. When this doesn't work for 11.0 anymore, I have to add 
> a version depending dependency and I also can check for >= 10.3 on the 
> next rebuild.

Ok. Thanks.


Rui Santos

Veni, vidi, Linux!

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