[packman] [PM] vlc 0.8.6e (openSUSE 10.3/i586)

Detlef Reichelt detlef at die-mafia.de
Sat Mar 15 13:44:00 CET 2008

Am Sat, 15 Mar 2008 13:22:55 +0100
schrieb Christian Herenz <herenz at physik.hu-berlin.de>:

> Could you maybe explain, why packman provides an vlc package, since 
> there is a official package in the videolan repo? I'm just curious.

Could you explain why videolan provides a52dec, faac, faad2, ffmpeg,
lame, libdca, libdts, libdvdpsi5, mad .......... which often are not
compatible with packman-repo? This packages are on packman since years
and we couldn't delete them, because many other pm-packages need this
Videolan could build on packman as an official repo, it would be
easier for the people... 


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