[packman] Miro version

Christian Herenz herenz at physik.hu-berlin.de
Sat Mar 1 15:52:29 CET 2008

maps0can at tampabay.rr.com schrieb:
> I noticed that the current available Miro Linux source is version 1.1.2
> Your site features version 1.0-2.
> Would it be possible to publish a current RPM?
There are several unofficial RPMs of newer versions in openSUSE Build 
service. However, I also would like a official rpm. The Version 1.0-2 
works fine here, the bug with crashing after video playback can be 
resolved by starting miro with "miro --xine-driver=opengl".

As long as 1.0-2 works fine, I have decided to stay on that version 
until a newer official "packman" version arrives.


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