[packman] lame 3.98 (was: Update an Package)

Pascal Bleser pascal.bleser at skynet.be
Sun Jul 13 14:33:27 CEST 2008

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gabber at fbi.hu wrote:
| Please update the Lame package (to 3.98).

Done, thanks for the heads up.

Note to packagers: I've split lame into
- - lame: /usr/bin/lame + manpage
- - libmp3lame0: shlib
- - libmp3lame-devel: includes et al
(and added -debuginfo support)

But lame still Requires: libmp3lame0 and libmp3lame-devel for backwards
compatibility in our spec files.
Now we can/could start porting relevant spec files to
BuildRequires: libmp3lame-devel
instead of
BuildRequires: lame

And once all are fixed, remove the Requires:libmp3lame-devel in the
package "lame".

A quick grep on the SVN repository lists the following specs as
including a BuildRequires on lame:
Asunder, audacious-plugins, audacity, avidemux, bpmdj, burn_360,
cinelerra, darkice, ffmpeg, ggseq, glame, gmerlin-encoders, gnusound,
gstreamer010-plugins-ugly, idjc, k3b, kaffeine, kdemultimedia3,
libquicktime, MoreAmp, mpeg4ip, MPlayer, MuSE, mythplugins, mythtv,
oddcastv3-jack, ogmrip, OpenMovieEditor, python-media, rezound, ripoff,
ripperX, sox, streamtranscoverv3, sfwtools, traverso, tritonus, vice,
vlc, xdivcap

That's quite a lot, not sure it's worth the effort ;)
I'll "fix" those that I maintain (and those I've touched recently, such
as audacious-plugins, ffmpeg, k3b, libquicktime, MPlayer, python-media,
ripoff, ripperX).

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